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taught by Salina Hainzl
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Salina Hainzl
Salina Hainzl
Tea Experience Expert • Business Coach • Tea Mindfulness Coach

About the instructor

Tea is the 2nd most drunk beverage in the world, next to water. 

Tea connects people, starts conversations and rejuvenate your overworked body and mind!

Since 2003, I have been the owner of Teas.com.au, the leaf tea specialist based in Australia.

Who is Teas.com.au
Established in 2003 Teas.com.au is Australia's leading 100% natural leaf tea specialist based in Sydney, Australia. We supply over 150 premium leaf tea varieties and selected tea ware to cafes, spas and salons, as well as online and offline tea businesses all across Australia.

Why Leaf Tea
"Leaf Tea has taught me more than just running a business selling it, it has helped me to become the better me, the happier me, the more beautiful me."

Betterteas is the place I created for everyone loves tea. 

Private Label Tea 101 is designed for tea product creators to weigh up pros and cons on creating their own tea brand, including costs and profits comparison. 

If you are ready to create a business with your own tea brand, you have come to the right place. 

Don't buy any tea or pay for logo design until you have completed this course. 

See you insider the Private Label Tea 101 course. Welcome.

When it comes to marketing, we are often told it's key to get to know our customers.

To get to know our customers, we need to get into their heads, understand their frustrations and fears, and provide solutions to their problems.

Photos can do a lot of this heavy lifting for us. But the right image must be chosen to tell the story right.

In this masterclass, learn how to:

▶︎ discover the hidden messages in photos

▶︎ choose the right pic to tell your story

▶︎ dos and don'ts in selecting pics for your website

About the instructor - Salina Hainzl

Leaf Tea Expert • Business Coach • Serial Entrepreneur

When you are thirsty, tea may not be the first thing comes to mind.

The image I have in mind would be more likely to do with an iced fruit juice, or a cold glass with water.

That was me, 15 years ago.

I started my career as a graphic designer. Now 15 years into owning Teas.com.au, I see the skills needed to be a great designer is no different to a tea merchant. 

And in both worlds, IMAGES are KEY. 

Picture this:

Think of tiny little tea leaves you place into a cup of hot water, those little leaves slowly open up and unleash its impact in a full cup of water!

Or, picture this:

You just came back from a long walk, totally beaten up by the cruel hot sun. You reach out for a cold drink at home, and all there is is a bottle of tea sitting on the kitchen bench. 

Brown liquid from some brand, calling it tea, and shuffing it into a plastic bottle. 

Picture says a thousand words, that's what I am here to share with you. Let's make these words count for your business.

Salina is also:
A curious tea drinker. A reformed perfectionist. A workaholic turned mother. An improving bread and icecream maker. An occasional craft maker. A travelling entrepreneur in making. An avid podcast and audiobook listener. A pinterest addict.

When it comes to marketing, we are often told it's key to get to know our customers.

Correct photo use will speak the feeling of your brand, and bring your tribe together, with a lot less effort. Let's start using photo to your advantage. Sign up for this course now.

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Survey
3 Texts
1.0 hr