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Private Label Tea 101

Private label tea can make tea selling so much more profitable, while you can stay true to your values, mission and vision. Supercharge YOUR bespoke tea business today. | taught by Salina Hainzl
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Salina Hainzl
Salina Hainzl
Tea Experience Expert • Business Coach • Tea Mindfulness Coach

About the instructor

Tea is the 2nd most drunk beverage in the world, next to water. 

Tea connects people, starts conversations and rejuvenate your overworked body and mind!

Since 2003, I have been the owner of Teas.com.au, the leaf tea specialist based in Australia.

Who is Teas.com.au
Established in 2003 Teas.com.au is Australia's leading 100% natural leaf tea specialist based in Sydney, Australia. We supply over 150 premium leaf tea varieties and selected tea ware to cafes, spas and salons, as well as online and offline tea businesses all across Australia.

Why Leaf Tea
"Leaf Tea has taught me more than just running a business selling it, it has helped me to become the better me, the happier me, the more beautiful me."

Betterteas is the place I created for everyone loves tea. 

Private Label Tea 101 is designed for tea product creators to weigh up pros and cons on creating their own tea brand, including costs and profits comparison. 

If you are ready to create a business with your own tea brand, you have come to the right place. 

Don't buy any tea or pay for logo design until you have completed this course. 

See you insider the Private Label Tea 101 course. Welcome.

Questions? Drop us an email on: learn@teas.com.au

Create the tea your customers will love and rave.

Overwhelmed by choices? Stressed about dealing with many tea suppliers, packaging designers and logistic specialists and their lingo? 

We can make your private label tea creation easy-breezy.

What Supercharged Private Label Tea 101 delivers:

  • An overview on 3 key steps to creating your private label tea
  • Help you to become confident in choosing your tea
  • Provide tricks to make bring the costs down with your tea packaging and label creation
  • Find your tea range no matter what your budget is


  • Each module consists of a video no more than 10 minutes. 
  • The work is in what you put in after the video. 
  • Be sure to take notes and action them after the video training.

Get your bonuses:
- Examples of successful private label tea blends

- iblend downloadable book giving you basics in tea blending

Who is the Supercharge Private Label Tea 101 for:

Supercharge Private Label Tea 101 is designed for tea product creators.

Whether you want to sell your own tea brand as part of a cafe, spa, wellbeing, hamper or any other businesses, or create your own tea business, this course is the KEY to unlock the door to your successful tea creation and profitability. 

Course Contents

6 Texts
3.0 hrs